QOD Brazilian Blowout Bangkok’s Best Keratin Treatment

brazilian-blowout-bangkok-keratin-treatmentFor a Brazilian blowout Bangkok has many keratin brands but they are essentially known as Keratin Straightening, Brazilian blowouts or keratin Treatment in Bangkok. They were originally made in Brazil by the brand QOD but have since seen a rise in competitor brands from around the World. At Zahara we feel the best keratin Treatment Bangkok has to offer right now is still the Original QOD Brand. We have tested the top Keratin Treatments over the years and imported a few ourselves, but we love QOD Brazilan Keratin the best. We will explain why later but lets first discuss the benefits that a Brazilian Blowout brings to the hair compard to permanent straightening rebonding.

In a hot and humid climate like Brazil or Bangkok hair can go frizzy and dry quickly making it hard to manage and keep under control, this means more styling time and heat tools that cause damage to the hair. This is why Brazilian blowouts or keratin treatments are so widespread in Brazil, they smooth and realign the hair cuticles in a way that does not damage the hair like chemical straightening or rebonding treatments do.

What does QOD Keratin Treatment do?
A good Brazilian keratin Treatment will also restore natural keratin back into the follicle and repair any damage by bonding proteins in the hair. This will help smooth, soften and protect the hair giving it health and vitality.

So what can you expect from a QOD Brazilian blowout Bangkok Treatment?
It will remove frizz, seal in color, add shine, repair damage, protect and decrease styling time leaving you with amazing smooth beautiful hair. It will also maintain hair volume so you have smooth but natural looking hair.

How long does QOD Keratin Treatment last?
The latest QOD Brazilian keratin treatment can last 120 days if you care for it correctly

Why we love QOD Brazilian Keratin treatments?

QOD Organic Brazilian Keratin
What many people don’t realize is that not All Brazilian keratin treatments are created equally. Many brands available in Thailand have been banned in numerous countries for excessive levels of Formaldehyde. QOD has never been banned and still continues to be innovating and improving their formula with new products each year. In the old days a lot of salon staff around the world were getting sick from constantly breathing in harsh chemicals and smoke found in famous brand keratin treatments.

Nowdays, the latest Brazilian keratin from QOD is just amazing and has hardly any smoke and is made from natural ingredients.  you no longer need to wait 48 hours before washing the hair and unlike other famous brands it does not fade hair color after a treatment. The keratin is washed out before the flat iron process begins and the results are fantastic and a hit with all our salon clients. Our QOD Brazilian Blowout Bangkok salon can complete a Keratin treatment in about 90 minutes with super smooth manageable hair results that can last 120 days.

The Biggest Selection of Brazilian keratin Treatments compared to other brands
QOD have been creating hair repair treatments for 10 years and have become pioneers in creating new things, they have a massive range of Brazilian keratin treatments from Keratin keep the Curl, 22k Gold Keratin, Keratin for Blonde, QOD Keratin with Argan Oil and more. Even If you have badly damaged hair from a color treatment, perm or excessive heat a QOD Brazilian Keratin Bangkok treatment can completely fix your hair no matter what.

The Ultimate Hair Repair Treatments
QOD not only have perfected keratin treatments but also manufacture some of the best hair treatments in the hair industry today. From 4 minute protein masks, Deep Argan treatments, Moroccan Oils, Purple treatments for Blonde hair. The end results are always beautiful, smooth healthy and shiny hair that restores and rejuvenates the hair, these treatments can also be purchased to use at home and are available at Zahara Salon Bangkok.

QOD Sulfate free Shampoo and Conditioners are also amazing!
With a full range of Sulfate and Sodium free shampoos & conditioners enriched with Moroccan Argan oil and Brazilian Keratin to ensure beautiful frizz free hair and longer lasting keratin results. You can purchase all of our QOD home care products at our online shop with free delivery in Thailand.

Choosing the Best Brazilian keratin Bangkok Salon
Our satisfied and loyal customers return back to us time and time again  for QOD Brazilian Keratin treatments, they are happy with the results and know that its safe for their hair. Our client feedback and reputation is important to us if we are to be one of the best salon for hair rebonding, Italian permanent straightening rebonding and keratin treatments. We will continue to use only the best and safest brands from reputable international companies like QOD as we are confident it is still the best Brazilian blowout treatment in Bangkok and the original keratin from Brazil.

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