Permanent Straightening Rebonding Bangkok

permanent-straightening-bangkok-rebondingPermanent straightening in Bangkok has long been a very popular hair service provided by almost every salon in Thailand. With products and prices varying permanent straightening is also known in Thailand as Rebonding or Japanese straightening and is a hair treatment many Thai and Asian women swear by.

Problems with Permanent Straightening Rebonding

The problem with Permanent straightening rebonding is that the strong chemicals can be damaging to the hair, not to mention the strong fumes in the salon. One of the biggest complaints with Rebonding or Japanese straightening is when your new hair grows back frizzy or curly a second treatment will cause your hair to break off near the roots, the product can also cause split ends if your hair has been previously treated.

The solution is a brand new product from Italy by Compagnia Del Colore. A New breed of permanent straightening in Bangkok is now available at Zahara Hair Salon Bangkok and the results so far have been amazing. What makes this rebonding treatment different is its infused with Marine collagen and does not smell as strong or damage the hair. Infact it reconditions the hair on a very deep level so the results are shiny smooth beautiful hair that stays straight permanently and retains the health and vitality.

Caring for your Hair After permanent Straightening Rebonding

Its also always a good idea when having any type of chemical treatment on the hair to use a good daily treatment like our QOD Argan Moroccan Oil Bangkok salon treatments or our weekly Argan mask treatments that you can take home. This will ensure your hair stays healthy and does not dry out after having a strong permanent hair straightening rebonding.

To ensure you Permanent Straightening Rebonding lasts please follow the following tips.

  1. Do not wash or get your hair wet for 48 hours after Permanent Hair Straightening Rebonding
  2. Do not tie back your hair or brush and comb your hair during the first few days
  3. On the third day wash your hair with a special Sulfate free shampoo and Conditioner designed for Treated hair
  4. Keeping the hair healthy and moisturized is important to prevent drying, use a deep treatment every week if you want smooth silky hair.
  5. Daily Moroccan Argan oil will ensure any small hairs stay smooth and do not stick up, it will also restore proteins and keep hair healthy.

If you are considering permanent straightening or rebonding but your hair is damaged, or maybe you do not want to have permanently straightened forever then QOD Brazilian keratin is a good semi permanent hair straightening choice. You can check out our Brazilian keratin treatment Bangkok services here, you can also check the prices via the top menu bar.

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