Hair Treatment Bangkok Best Repair Treatments

hair-treatment-thailand-bangkokOur Hair Treatment Bangkok services are somewhat a specialty at Zahara, we really do have an amazing selection of some of the best hair treatments in the World. Our team of professional hairstylists are passionate about hair repair treatments and no matter how badly damaged, dry or lifeless your hair is we guarantee we have the best hair treatments in Bangkok to restore your damaged hair.

Perhaps you require some damage repair treatment for split ends or a scalp treatment for dandruff control? Maybe you are suffering from hair loss and require anti hair loss Treatments or to prevent losing hair with our signature Anti hair thinning line.

Avoiding Cheap Hair Treatment in Thailand

Thailand being so close to China means a huge amount of cheap hair products will be on offer at many Bangkok salons. In many cases salons markup these often heavily diluted brands just because they have the words Keratin or Moroccan on the label. We only use genuine hair products and hair treatments imported from Europe, Italy, USA and Brazil. Yes, they cost more because they have to come a longer distance and customs import charges are high. However, the quality of these premium hair treatments are just amazing and worth the extra cost. in our opinion its better to have just one amazing product rather than 10 useless ones that probably cost more combined anyway.

Get the Best hair Treatments Bangkok Has To Offer

One of our most popular Bangkok hair treatments today is our QOD Brazilian Blowout Bangkok Keratin packages or otherwise known as Brazilian Blowouts, a fantastic way at smoothing and straightening your hair, restoring shine, moisture and manageability and reducing styling time to just minutes per day. this treatment is only available at the salon and takes a few hours normally.

Another great hair repair treatment at Bangkok Zahara is our 4 minute Protein Treatment, similar to the famous Joico K Pac but in our opinion much better and more advanced. We also have Moroccan Argan oil treatments that can do wonders for anyone suffering dry damaged and frizzy hair especially in humid Thailand.

At Zahara our hair treatment Bangkok services cater to every type of problem and all hair types. We have a lot of Bangkok hair treatments we can offer you including take home treatments if you are not living in Thailand or traveling. We also have a Private salon for Muslim ladies who want visit and enjoy our Bangkok treatments too.

Here are a small selection of some of our most popular Bangkok hair Treatments:

  1. Brazilian keratin Treatment
  2. Deep Protein Treatments
  3. Anti Hair loss Tonic Treatments
  4. Argan Mask Deep Repair Treatments
  5. Color Toner repair Treatments

Our Take home hair treatments ensure your hair doesn’t just look great for a few days after leaving the salon, but stays looking great all the time. At Zahara Salon  you can buy Sulfate Free shampoos, conditioners, Moroccan Argan oils, Deep repair masks, Protein treatments, Hair Loss Tonics, Hair Oils, Color Save Treatments, Purple Shampoo for blonde hair and Toner treatments you can do yourself at home to keep colors vibrant and hair in healthy condition.

At Zahara all of our hair treatments are carefully tested before by our master stylists and directors before we sell them at our salon. We only use hair products that we think work amazingly well, if its just an average product we say no to them. Also our best take home hair treatments and salon products are available at our Online shop with free delivery in Thailand.

If you have a problem with your hair and are unsure what treatment is best you can book a free consultation appointment at Zahara Hair Salon Bangkok and we will do the rest, or just send us a message via Facebook and tell us what problems you have with you hair and we can recommend you a solution.