Italian Perm Bangkok for Beachy Waves

perm bangkokZahara Bangkok Salon offers a brand new technology in Cold Perm from Compagnia del Colore, The Italian Cold Perm is a new generation of Perm that is enriched with Marine Collagen and isn’t strong smelling or with harsh chemicals compared to other brands.

Our Perm Bangkok Salon services can provide both curls that can be highly defined or just subtle waves to provide more volume and body to the hair. The latest catwalk fashion  is the beachy wave technique, but you can also choose to have fuller body waves or tighter ringlets instead.

Perms give you a New look that can be very sexy and appealing in a way that looks natural and can last you a long time, reducing your daily styling time drastically so that you no longer have to curl or use rollers making your hair easy to style at home.

Is your hair suitable for a Perm?

Its worth mentioning however that not everyone will be suitable candidates for a perm, if you have had chemical straightening or perhaps a lot of color processing, bleach, Bangkok highlights etc. Then your hair may not be healthy enough to withstand a digital perm which uses very hot temperatures. In this situation we would recommend a new technology perm from Italy which we will mention more about below.

New Italian Perm Bangkok Service

Our brand new Italian perm Bangkok services use Marine Collagen Cold Perm technology, this is all about having healthier hair with movement that looks and feels natural. The Marine collagen provides a deep penetrating treatment ensuring less damage and more shine and vitality. It also means better defined curls and waves exactly the way you want it. The new italian perm with collagen technology also has different products fro different hair types, meaning more flexibility for previously damaged or color treated hair.

Another great product that you can incorporate into your perm is to use a home curl activator, this will keep your curls nicely defined and prevent them from going frizzy. A curl activator is also a treatment and we have QOD Curls available at Zahara hair salon in Bangkok or for purchase online

How to care for your newly Bangkok Permed hair

After your perm its very important to care for your hair correctly to maintain a glossy, healthy shine and waves that.last. The first couple of days after our Bankok perm services are very important because the chemicals are still working to reshape your hair. Here are some simple tips on what you can do to ensure a beautiful perm result that lasts.

  1. Do not wash your hair or get it wet for at least 48 hours after leaving Zahara Bangkok Salon (umbrella and shower caps are a must)
  2. Leave your hair loose, do not tie up or put into pony tails for the first few days and also avoid brushing or combing, use your fingers only.
  3. On day 3 wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo specifically designed for treated or colored hair, do not use hot water only warm.
  4. Apply a deep hair conditioner also sulfate free and specifically for treated or permed hair, leave for 5 mins then comb with wide tooth comb
  5. Rinse the hair with warm or cool water, not hot. Towel dry the hair only and avoid brushing especially the first couple of weeks, use fingers only.
  6. Curl activators are another great must have item after a perm, ask at the salon for our QOD curves curl activators for more defined healthy curls.
All of the Aftercare for Perm products mentioned above are available at Zahara Salon Bangkok and can also be purchased at our Online Thailand Haircare Shop with free shipping.

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