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hair-extensions-bangkok-zaharaLonger Lasting Bangkok Hair Extensions

Imagine Stunning Hair Extensions in Bangkok that can be Reused for upto 12 Months!

If you are seriously considering getting hair extensions in Bangkok then you will seriously want to take a few minutes to discover what we have to share with you.

For hair extensions Bangkok has some of the Best quality Human hair extensions in the World but not all hair extensions in Bangkok are created equally.

But before we continue, yes its absolutely true! The quality of our Bangkok hair extensions are so good that clients are still wearing the same set of hair extensions after 12 months.


Imagine having Amazing Hair extensions Like these!

Lucky Bangkok Hair Extensions client at Zahara Salon

Here we have one of our gorgeous customers showcasing  a long set of Virgin Remy 100% Human Custom Made hair extensions from Zahara Salon Bangkok

Many clients prefer shorter extensions for extra Volume. Whatever your tastes or requirements are, we can do it!

The hair extensions Bangkok Zahara Salon offer are unlike other salons that use factory processed hair, hair collected from salon floors or human hair mixed with synthetic or horse hair.

Why can’t hair Extensions  Last 12 Months Back Home?

Because 99% of hair extensions are factory processed hair, that means they are mass manufactured in a Factory usually in china and dyed with cheap industrial grade hair color & chemicals. yes, even the most expensive brand hair extensions are made in exactly the same way!

Bangkok has many choices for hair extensions and lots of cheaper extensions you will certainly find. But if you want the best quality 100% virgin Remy hair with cuticles intact, easy maintenance, less prone to knotting and you can curl, style or even recolor then keep reading.

Custom Bangkok Hair Extensions Better Value For Money

If you are constantly having to replace hair extensions every few months then you may need 3-4 sets per year, this can certainly add up and get expensive. it is also more damaging for your hair and more difficult to maintain.

Using the same pair of hair extensions and simply readjusting the extensions every few months will cost less long term, and high quality hair extensions that do not tangle or dreadlock & will be far less damaging too.

Our Hair extensions are an amazing way of completely

transforming your look in just 3-4 hours you can have beautiful luscious thick healthy hair that nobody will know is not your own.

How Much do they Cost

The problem with the majority of hair extensions today is that factory processed hair has already been pre colored and is treated with chemicals, there is no way to be sure the hair has any cuticles left and much of today’s hair manufactured in China looks high quality but is really sprayed with silicone.

The majority of cheap extensions today will look healthy and shiny when you first have them, but after a few washes the silicone coating will be gone and matting and tangling occurs. This is why most hair extensions today only last a few months before you need to pay again for another set, also you can only choose the closest color to match your own.


If you want to buy hair extensions Bangkok has a lot to choose from but if you want the best premium grade quality that is equal or better than big name brands like ‘Great lengths’ or ‘Dream hair’ that can cost upto 1000 usd or more then Zahara hair extensions may be what you are looking for and an excellent investment costing much less for the best quality hair money can buy.

Expert Hair Extensions in Bangkok

With years of experience and a dedication to using only the best hair products and techniques we have developed a custom Bangkok hair extensions service using 100% Virgin Remy Human hair cut directly from the head.

This means the hair cuticles are still existing and perfectly aligned, furthermore we only use hair that has never been colored or treated with any chemical ever before, ensuring you have the purest quality of hair full of life, vitality and in optimal health.

Custom Made Hair Extensions -The Ultimate Dream Come True

To ensure the hair extension color matches your own hair flawlessly we will then carefully color it using expensive Italian Color with Nano Dye Molecule technology enriched with Orange butter and Honey extracts.

This means you will have perfect quality, custom made 100% human hair extensions that match exactly to your own hairs colors. We also can do highlights, ombre or even Balayage hair extensions for you.

Best Installation Methods for Long Lasting Hair extensions

When it comes to fitting your hair extensions we prefer the latest Keratin fusion bond technique, this is a special protein glue that will not damage the hair and is non toxic. The keratin glue will soften after 3 months and is easy to remove, retip then simply reapply your Bangkok hair extensions to use again.

We also have the classic Micro ring technology application technique , plus everything else needed to ensure a flawless set of long lasting premium quality Bangkok extensions to be proud of. We will also provide a Free haircut, layering, shampoo, blow-dry and finishing with beach waves or super smooth the choice is yours.

When it comes to caring for your beautiful hair extensions you will want to make sure you have everything you need for an easy transformation. We have special hair extension brushes, Argan oils and Sulfate free aftercare shampoo and treatment products at the salon. You can be sure your hair extensions will be well looked after and last a long time no matter if you are traveling or returning home.

If you want to get hair Extensions Bangkok Zahara’s services and expertise are very reasonable. We have clients coming back to Thailand each year just to renew them with us.

Our Bangkok Hair Extensions packages also make the perfect gift for ladies ending their holiday or stay in Thailand, with many wanting to return back home looking and feeling amazing and completely transformed.

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