QOD Moroccan Argan Oil Bangkok

moroccan-oil-bangkok-thailandMoroccan Argan Oil has for centuries been an amazing oil used for body and hair, however it was not until recently its popularity has grown in the hair industry and not without good reason. If you are looking for the best Argan Moroccan Oil Bangkok has quite Thai hair salons with numerous options and different grades of quality. Moroccan Oil for hair can perform miracles on the hair, restoring moisture and vitamins, smoothing out frizzy hair, sealing the cuticles, adding a beautiful shine, restoring the health and vitality and protecting from UV and pollution, they also smells great.

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Unfortunately the popularity of Argan Moroccan oil means finding professional grade quality Argan products is now more difficult. In many popular brands today Moroccan oils are loaded with excess silicone’s, this means when the silicone’s wash out your hair it will be dry and dull and you will immediately require more to restore the lost silicone. Excess Silicone can also cause buildup which makes coloring and other treatments difficult because it blocks your hair from absorbing moisture and anything else you put on it. So basically silicone is bad for the hair. Therefore its important to choose a good quality Moroccan Argan Oil designed specifically for hair yet still has a lightweight texture that is quick to absorb and does not leave your hands oily after applying.

At Zahara Salon we have tested many available brands of Argan Moroccan Oil in Bangkok and our favorite so far is from a Brazilian brand called QOD. They are a Professional hair treatment brand famous for high quality natural ingredients Brazilian keratin Treatments and also produce QOD Argan Oil, QOD Argan Hair Mask Treatments, QOD Argan Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan masks for blonde hair too. All of our Moroccan oil products by QOD are available at the salon to purchase or can be bought online via our haircare shop.

Why Choose QOD Argan Moroccan Oil?

What makes these products so great is you really do not need to use a lot of the oil, just a few ZAHARA-salon-bangkok-sukumvit-13-(19)drops daily means one small bottle can last a long long time unlike
the other brands designed to get your hair addicted to silicone. The Argan Shampoo and Conditioner and weekly hair masks are also enriched with Brazilian Keratin and Argan making them an amazing combination and a top choice for anyone who suffers from frizzy or out of control dry hair, especially so in hot and humid climates like Thailand.

Our Brazilian keratin treatment Bangkok packages are also a fantastic way to keep your hair beautiful for upto 16 weeks, reducing styling time and enriching it with all the most important proteins and moisture to keep it silky smooth without the need for daily Argan Moroccan oils.

Another fantastic use for QOD Argan Oil is it makes hair color or our Bangkok highlights services last longer, its also a must have for hair extensions and keeping them healthy and moisturized. Another benefit is the Argan oil bottles are not glass so they are easy to carry around in a handbag or travel with them on planes.

If you want a quality Argan Moroccan Oil Zahara salon Bangkok has the entire selection of QOD Moroccan Argan products available for either pick up at our Sukumvit 13 branch or you may purchase these products here at our Online shop, see above link.

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