Frequent Questions - Zahara Bangkok Salon

At Zahara Salon Bangkok we are always being asked certain questions about our services and the maintenance of hair after certain treatments. Below we have picked some of the most important Questions and Answers to help our potential and existing clients. We hope that some of the information below can help you in making styling decisions and ensure your hair stays in perfect health.

  • How can I prevent my hair from being frizzy and unmanageable?

    You could have a Brazilian keratin Treatment, this will smooth your hair and leave it in a beautiful and healthy condition, results typically last 120 days. Alternatively you can purchase an Argan Home Repair kit from us, this will consist of Moroccan Argan oil and a weekly deep treatment to ensure your hair is smooth, manageable and healthy. We also have a brand new QOD 30 Day keratin Effect treatment that is very popular right now.

  • How can I return to my natural hair color?

    This depends greatly on what your hair history is and if it was bleached or colored darker. It can be very difficult to remove dark hair dye from the hair, bleach will simply not lighten previously darkened hair in the same way as it will natural hair. However it is much easier to color already bleached hair darker.

  • How can I make my hair smell nice?

    QOD Moroccan Argan Oil smells great almost like an expensive perfume, it also keeps your hair frizz free, shiny and smells great. This magical oil is also known as Liquid Gold for it has many vitamins and benefits not to mention it protects the hair from UV pollution and helps color last longer. Definitely should be in everyones handbag.

  • How do i prevent my Blonde Hair from turning yellow or Orange

    Sometimes in Thailand there is excessive levels of chlorine and the sun can also cause color to change. We highly recommend the use of QOD SILVER Shampoo and Conditioner, otherwise known as a Purple Shampoo. This is an amazing product that tones your hair everytime you wash it keeping the blonde balanced and cancelling out the Yellow and Orange tones. It also is enriched with Hydrolized Keratin so does wonders in keeping your hair is great condition.

  • How can I make my hair look shiny?

    Keeping your hair healthy moisturized and with your cuticles sealed and important if you want naturally shiny hair. However there are products on the market that will fake the shiny look because they are full of silicones coating the hair, these are not good in our opinion and we don't sell these products at Zahara Salon Bangkok. We do however have a lot of take home treatments and masks that you can use to ensure you have amazing hair, we also highly recommend QOD Moroccan Argan Mask, QOD Moroccan Argan Shampoo and QOD Moroccan Argan Oil for daily use to ensure healthy and shiny hair that smells great and is easy to manage.

  • Flat Ironing and Curling everyday is causing my hair to have dry and spit ends.

    The ends of the hair will dry out quicker and become brittle compared to hair closer to the scalp. It is important to use a heat protective spray before you flat iron or curl the hair, this will prevent the heat from damaging your hair and will also keep your hair more defined and glossy. We recommend QOD Thermy heat protect spray. You can also invest in a take home treatment enriched in Brazilian keratin or a deep protein treatment which you can use once a week.

  • My hair is falling out and getting thinner, Any tips?

    Hair fall can be caused by many reasons from stress to hormones to hereditary genetics. Another reason is a build up of sebum or oils on the scalp especially in Thailands hot and humid climate. We first would strongly suggest changing your shampoo and conditioner to QOD Vitta. This is a very good sulfate and sodium free solution for strengthening the hair shaft at the root. QOD Vitta shampoo is gently cleansing whilst the conditioner has keratin proteins to repair weak or damaged hair. Another solution to reduce hair loss and thinning is to use a scalp tonic, this will balance the sebum and stimulate new hair growth. We recommend Compagnia del Colore - Stop Loss or QOD Barbershop Tonic, both are available at Zahara Salon Bangkok or at our online shop.

  • My Hair extensions bonds are turning white and soft, why?

    Our Hair Extensions application technique uses Keratin Fusion Bond technology, this means the glue is not toxic but instead made up of protein, designed to go soft at around 3 months which is usually when you will have enough new hair growth and it will be time for a retip and reapply. However, there are certain things that can affect the bonds casing them to deteriorate faster. Chlorine and Salt water can cause this, as can excessive sweat and oils and strong supermarket shampoo and conditioner that are more like detergents than gentle cleansing products. Therefore it is always important to use the correct and recommend brand of Sulfate free Shampoo and Conditioner depending on the color of your hair extensions, just ask at the salon. Another very important tip is after showering gently blowdry the scalp area with a medium low heat, ensure the bonds are dry the rest of your hair can be towel dry but preventing water from getting beneath the bonds will ensure they last longer.

  • Fashion Colors and Pastel Colors Fading or Washing out too Fast!

    Many clients fail to realize that pinks, purples, greens and pastel colors are infact semi permanent dyes. This means they can last upto 6 weeks but will start to fade even after the first wash. To make sure they last longer follow these tips: Wash less frequently water is the enemy. Use only Cold or Tepid warm water never hot water. Avoid Bright sunlight as it causes colors to fade, wear a hat. Keep Blow drying and Heat to a minimum. Don't go swimming in Chlorine. Always use a sulfate free Color Save shampoo and Conditioner, we recommend QOD Color Save Shampoo & Conditioner.

  • I had a Brazilian Keratin Treatment but my hair looks frizzy again, why?

    Brazilian Keratin is a semi permanent treatment meaning it fades out gradually. it is also important to follow the aftercare instructions perfectly to prevent it washing out faster than normal. However, in many cases clients misunderstand that after a shower or a sweaty night out that their hair will look picture perfect at all times. Keratin helps to align and smooth the hair, if for some reason the hair doesnt look smooth then in most cases a quick flat iron will reactivate the keratin and smooth the cuticles again. Brazilian Keratin reduces styling time but does not eliminate it completely. Also avoid salt, chlorine, strong chemical styling products, washing too frequently, sweaty clubs or swimming in the sea. Only use QOD Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner at all times.

Common Questions
Can i pay with Credit Card at Zahara Bangkok Salon??
Yes we accept both Visa and Mastercard, there is a 2.5% Surcharge Fee.
How do I Make a Booking?
You can either Call us directly from any phone or visit our Zahara Bangkok Salon Facebook page and send us a message.
How do i get to Zahara Bangkok Salon?
You can either take a Taxi or take a short walk to us from the BTS Skytrain station Nana. If you want us to speak Thai to your driver just give us a call.
Are you sure you can work with Blonde or European Hair?
Yes, we have a lot of experience working with Western hair and have some of the best hair colorists in Bangkok for highlights, lowlights and the latest styles.