QOD Haircare

Delivery in Thailand – Buy QOD Hair Products Online
QOD is a boutique brand that we are very big fans of, we have used all the big name salon brands over the years but none came close to the quality we found with a this Boutique brand we discovered from Brazil. The products are outstanding for professional salons and stylists. Qod hair products are made with premium quality natural ingredients, the company has over 10 years experience in the haircare industry and were the first creators of Brazilian keratin Blowout treatments. Since then they have pioneered many amazing quality sodium chloride free shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and styling products, all which are available now to buy online in Thailand.

What does it do?
QOD is made in Brazil which has a very similar weather climate to Thailand, this means all their products work perfectly in Thailand and have been designed specifically for our climate and similar hairtypes. For maneagable, healthy shiny frizz free hair, these professional grade  hair products are far superior to any supermarket brands and have been imported specifically from Brazil.

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